ODIL European Tour

I'll be joining Camille-Alban Spreng's band ODIL on their tour of Switzerland, Germany and France in April 2017. I had the pleasure of playing on the album last year, which is available here on Berlin label QFTF. Camille writes catchy tunes that descend into chaos, dark and joyful at the same time.

If you're not in the area, you can stream our live session on RTS Espace 2 at 16.00 GMT on the 28th of April here!

Tom Bourgeois - alto sax
Sam Comerford - tenor sax
Camille-Alban Spreng - rhodes/piano/synth
Geoffrey Fiorese - rhodes/piano/synth
Paul Berne - drums


21.04 - 19h30: Maison des Artistes - Chamonix
22.04 - 22h00: Maison des Artistes - Chamonix
24.04 - 21h00: White Rabbit - Freiburg im Breisgau
25.04 - 20h00: Espace Noir - St-Imier
27.04 - 21h00: Bar King - Neuchâtel
28.04 - 17h00: Espace 2, RTS - Lausanne
28.04 - 21h00: Café du Belvédère - Fribourg
29.04 - 20h00: Saint-George Jazz Club - Lyon

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IMC 25th anniversary gig / review

It was really incredible to be a part of the IMC 25th anniversary gig - an organisation that's as old as I am, which has made a lot of great music happen in Ireland over the years.

Some nice words from Ian Patterson at AllAboutJazz.com - Thanks Ian!

Comerford’s 1936 bass saxophone is a truly unwieldy beast, yet the bruising riffs and guttural howls from this tree-trunk of an instrument were tempered by surprisingly lyrical, subtle voicing. Up-tempo, the duo created fireworks; Jacobson’s constant invention—never at the expense of groove—coaxed beautifully wild flights from Comerford. On more balladic material the duo’s chemistry simmered menacingly, like a slow-burning Nirvana. Intoxicating stuff.
Thanks to  Dublin Jazz Photography  for the photos.

Thanks to Dublin Jazz Photography for the photos.

Umbra were also described as "arguably one of the most exciting jazz ensembles in Europe". Video of the SuperUmbra gig is on the way!

Aerie European Tour

Without a day of rest, back on tour with Aerie for the next two weeks!


Ingo has written some hard-hitting material, it's powerful stuff. We'll drive more than 2500km through Europe, play eight gigs and make a record.

Nov 29th, 21.00 - Jazz Ohne Stress concert series at Waldsee, Waldseestraße 84, Freiburg, Germany

Dec 1st Photobastei, Sihlquai 125, Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 2nd, 20.00 - 't Smiske, Gemeenteplein 7, Asse, Belgium

Dec 3rd, 20.00 - De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86, Gent, Belgium. Double bill with Myrddin De Cauter // Facebook Event

Dec 4th, 20.00 - Cafe Roskam, Rue de Flandre 9, 1000 Brussels, Belgium // Event Poster

Dec 5th, 21.00 - Monkey Show, 14 Rue des Roches, Metz, France // Facebook Event

Dec 6th, 21.00 - Liquid Bar, 15-17 Rue Munster, 2160 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Dec 8th - Donau115, Donaustrasse 115, Berlin, Germany 

Dec 9th - 11th - Recording Aerie's second album!

We're very happy to be supported by Culture Ireland this time around, without their help it wouldn't be possible.


Umbra / Insufficient Funs / SuperUmbra

I'm very excited to be playing with three Irish projects in the next week, in Brussels, Paris and Dublin. All details are on the dates page.

First of all, Chris Guilfoyle's Umbra will be playing at Roskam, Brussels, on the 20th November. This will be our first gig outside of Ireland, after 5 years playing together. The band is sounding great, and will be playing new music from our debut album, to be released in mid 2017. Chris writes real bangers, great catchy tunes with complex underlying structures!

On Tuesday 22nd Umbra will play the Centre Culturel Irlandais as part of the JazzyColors Festival but this time with Insufficient Funs (Matthew Jacobson + me on bass sax) as support. Two very different sets of music!

Back to Dublin, on the 26th November I'm playing twice at the 25th Anniversary of the Improvised Music Company. First with Insufficient Funs, and then with SuperUmbra.

Super Umbra = Umbra plus special guests:

Greg Felton (IE) - Fender Rhodes / Kieran McLeod - Trombone (SCT) / Ingo Hipp (DE) - Alto Sax / Gerhard Ornig (AT) - Trumpet

Very much looking forward to making music within all these different contexts.

Finally some saxophone news. Last week I visited Georg Pfister, a Berlin-based saxophonist and mouthpiece genius, for a new tenor piece. I'm truly delighted with the large-chamber wooden mouthpiece he made, it's full of character, a rich sound with lots of air and darkness. He has also worked on my bass mouthpieces, and does incredible work. It's going to be interesting bringing this new sound to all of these projects.

Aerie Irish Tour

After 4 years touring Europe, I'm really delighted to be playing with Aerie in Ireland next week!

Building on the success of previous tours in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Estonia, this October sees the group's debut Irish tour - supported by Arts Council Ireland's touring award and Pro Helvetia. AERIE released their first album, 'hatch and host' on Neuklang Record in 2015 to great success and will be recording their second album in December 2016.

Facebook event

• Wed 5th Oct 9:30pm – Dolans Pub, Limerick (presented by Limerick Jazz)
• Thurs 6th Oct 8:30pm – Wexford Arts Centre
• Sat 8th Oct 8pm – The Mick Lally Theatre (part of Galway Jazz Festival)
• Sun 9th Oct 8pm – JJ's, DUBLIN (presented by Improvised Music Company) 


Limerick - http://bit.ly/2cGsBpy
Wexford - http://bit.ly/2cGsEBW
Galway - http://gjf16.com/aerie.html
Dublin - http://bit.ly/2cGtte3