Umbra / Insufficient Funs / SuperUmbra

I'm very excited to be playing with three Irish projects in the next week, in Brussels, Paris and Dublin. All details are on the dates page.

First of all, Chris Guilfoyle's Umbra will be playing at Roskam, Brussels, on the 20th November. This will be our first gig outside of Ireland, after 5 years playing together. The band is sounding great, and will be playing new music from our debut album, to be released in mid 2017. Chris writes real bangers, great catchy tunes with complex underlying structures!

On Tuesday 22nd Umbra will play the Centre Culturel Irlandais as part of the JazzyColors Festival but this time with Insufficient Funs (Matthew Jacobson + me on bass sax) as support. Two very different sets of music!

Back to Dublin, on the 26th November I'm playing twice at the 25th Anniversary of the Improvised Music Company. First with Insufficient Funs, and then with SuperUmbra.

Super Umbra = Umbra plus special guests:

Greg Felton (IE) - Fender Rhodes / Kieran McLeod - Trombone (SCT) / Ingo Hipp (DE) - Alto Sax / Gerhard Ornig (AT) - Trumpet

Very much looking forward to making music within all these different contexts.

Finally some saxophone news. Last week I visited Georg Pfister, a Berlin-based saxophonist and mouthpiece genius, for a new tenor piece. I'm truly delighted with the large-chamber wooden mouthpiece he made, it's full of character, a rich sound with lots of air and darkness. He has also worked on my bass mouthpieces, and does incredible work. It's going to be interesting bringing this new sound to all of these projects.