IMC 25th anniversary gig / review

It was really incredible to be a part of the IMC 25th anniversary gig - an organisation that's as old as I am, which has made a lot of great music happen in Ireland over the years.

Some nice words from Ian Patterson at - Thanks Ian!

Comerford’s 1936 bass saxophone is a truly unwieldy beast, yet the bruising riffs and guttural howls from this tree-trunk of an instrument were tempered by surprisingly lyrical, subtle voicing. Up-tempo, the duo created fireworks; Jacobson’s constant invention—never at the expense of groove—coaxed beautifully wild flights from Comerford. On more balladic material the duo’s chemistry simmered menacingly, like a slow-burning Nirvana. Intoxicating stuff.
Thanks to  Dublin Jazz Photography  for the photos.

Thanks to Dublin Jazz Photography for the photos.

Umbra were also described as "arguably one of the most exciting jazz ensembles in Europe". Video of the SuperUmbra gig is on the way!