Upcoming Events


Together with Hendrik Lasure and Jens Bouttery, I'm delighted to announce our first gigs of 2017! Looking forward to going deep into the music with these guys. 

8 February 2017 - De Koer, Gent, Belgium. Facebook event

18 February 2017 - VOLTA, Brussels, Belgium. Facebook event

30 March 2017 - De Werf, Bruges, Belgium. KAAP website

30 April 2017 - International Jazz day at Café Roskam, Brussels, Belgium. 

4 June 2017 - Ham Sessions, Gent, Belgium. Ham Sessions website

September 2017 - Belgian tour, TBA


Previous Gigs:



Nov 5th, 19.30 - Eve Beuvens' Heptatomic at AJMI, Avignon, France // Facebook Event

Eve Beuvens, piano, compositions / Thomas Mayade, trumpet, flugelhorn / Grégoire Tirtiaux, alto, baritone sax / Sam Comerford, tenor sax / Benjamin Sauzereau, guitar / Manolo Cabras, bass / Lionel Beuvens, drums 


Nov 8th, 21.00 - Piergiorgio Pirro Quartet at Bonnefooi, Brussels, Belgium. // Facebook Event

Piergiorgio Pirro, piano / Sam Comerford, tenor sax / Daniele Cappucci, double bass / Daniel Jonkers, drums


Nov 9th, 21.30 - guest with Margaux Vranken trio at Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels, Belgium. // Facebook Event

Margaux Vranken, piano, vocals, compositions / Sam Comerford, tenor sax / Fil Caporali, double bass / Matthias de Waele, drums


Nov 20th, 20.00 - Umbra, Café Roskam, Brussels, Belgium. // Event poster

Chris Guilfoyle - Guitar / Chris Engel - Soprano Sax / Sam Comerford - Tenor Sax, Clarinet / Barry Donohue - Bass / Matthew Jacobson - Drums


Nov 22nd, 20.00 - Umbra / Insufficient Funs double bill! Jazzycolors festival, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris. // Facebook Event

Umbra: As above.

Insufficient Funs: Matthew Jacobson, Drums / Sam Comerford, Bass Saxophone


Nov 26th, 18.00 - Improvised Music Company's 25th anniversary celebration, The Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland. // Facebook Event

Playing with two groups - Insufficient Funs and SUPER UMBRA! A special once off project. Super Umbra = Umbra plus special guests:

Greg Felton (IE) - Fender Rhodes / Kieran McLeod - Trombone (SCT) / Ingo Hipp (DE) - Alto Sax / Gerhard Ornig - trumpet


Nov 27th - Recording bass saxophone for Empty Taxi, Brussels.


--- AERIE European Tour 2016 ----


I'm very happy to take Ingo's music on the road again! We will drive more than 2500km through Europe, play 8 gigs and then record our second album. The new music is at once wilder and more dynamic than before. Details are below.

Nov 29th, 21.00 - Jazz Ohne Stress concert series at Waldsee, Waldseestraße 84, Freiburg, Germany

Dec 1st Photobastei, Sihlquai 125, Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 2nd, 20.00 - 't Smiske, Gemeenteplein 7, Asse, Belgium

Dec 3rd, 20.00 - De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86, Gent, Belgium. Double bill with Myrddin De Cauter // Facebook Event

Dec 4th, 20.00 - Cafe Roskam, Rue de Flandre 9, 1000 Brussels, Belgium // Event Poster

Dec 5th, 21.00 - Monkey Show, 14 Rue des Roches, Metz, France // Facebook Event

Dec 6th, 21.00 - Liquid Bar, 15-17 Rue Munster, 2160 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Dec 8th - Donau115, Donaustrasse 115, Berlin, Germany 

Dec 9th - 11th - Recording Aerie's second album!


Dec 17th - with Bravo Big Band, Mechelen

Dec 21st, 20.00 - Eve Beuvens' Heptatomic at Bijloke, Gent. // Event Details

Eve Beuvens, piano, compositions / Laurent Blondiau, trumpet, flugelhorn / Grégoire Tirtiaux, alto, baritone sax / Sam Comerford, tenor sax / Benjamin Sauzereau, guitar / Manolo Cabras, bass / Lionel Beuvens, drums